2021 Mission : Renewed Hope India

Renewed Hope India exists to provide support for a loving home for orphans and widows near Hyderabad, India. Pastor Madhukar Bylla, his wife Sony and their two children, Ida and Enoch, began this work in their home. It wasn’t long before they were caring for nearly 30 children and several widows as part of their church’s ministry.

During a 2011 visit to the United States they shared their vision with Bailey Christian Church. The need was obvious. Before long orphans and widows were being sponsored by families in west Michigan. Sponsorships provide food, education, health care and clothes. Special projects were undertaken to make the home more economical and more efficient.

In 2013, several individuals from Bailey Christian Church visited Hyderabad to see the home for themselves. The children and widows were being housed in a single room that would fit in the WCA dining hall. They shared 1 shower, 2 toilets and 1 sink. There was very little room for the children to play. Shortly after the team’s return, RHI was formally established to support the construction of a home dedicated to the care of the children and widows. Although they were being cared for, they needed a space where they could thrive.

Land was purchased and construction on a new dormitory building began in 2016. That summer middle school students who attended Rock Lake Christian Assembly gave approximately $600 to purchase bunk beds for the new building! Their Dean was Andrew Apps; now Dean of High School Discipleship camp at Wilderness. Several months later Andrew and his daughter were honored to join several of the original team for the dedication of the new home that sits on nearly two acres!

Since that time RHI has funded the construction of a perimeter wall for security, a guard house, and a second residence hall. Multiple fruit trees have been planted and various livestock have been purchased to teach the kids responsibility as well as allow the home to become more self-sufficient and economical. Laptops have been donated to provide in-house technology instruction. In the summer of 2017, students at Rock Lake gave $1200 for playground equipment!

In 2018, Andrew was able to return to India with his oldest son and several others to determine next steps for the home. And of course they got to play on the playground with the kids! During that trip, Ray Vargo, Director of RHI, and I discussed the potential benefits to having a solar array on site.

At this time, that project has yet to be completed. The array that has been planned would stabilize their access to electricity and should eliminate the electricity bill. Our hope is that the solar array would also double as an open air shelter on top of one residence halls. The cost for constructing the solar array is approximately $4000.

If you want to learn more about this culture changing work before camp visit: https://renewedhopeindia.org/